MBA-Hospital Administration and Health Care Management (HAHM)
  • Health Service Managers run health Care services such as Hospitals, GP Practices and Community Health Services

  • Health Administration or Health Care Administration is the field relating to leadership, management, and administration of public Health Care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks.Hospital administrators fall under the broader category of Health Care service managers who may work in a variety of settings, including nursing home facilities and medical clinics. As a hospital administrator, your main role will be to plan and oversee the health services your hospital provides.

  • Skills Required:Hospital administrators need, leadership and negotiating skills, budget and policy planning skills, the ability to recruit and supervise staff, contract management skills, and excellent communication skills

  • Job Profiles available in Market:They are responsible for controlling resources in a range of roles, like chief executive of a large hospital, or manager of a GP practice with specialization in finance, human resources (HR), project management, health informatics, facilities management and premises security. Their day-to-day duties include, supervising staff, dealing with the health service's day-to-day performance, writing reports and producing presentations, setting and managing budgets, making sure regulations are followed, working with clinical staff and other professionals. Job Profiles available in Market: Hospital Administrator, Hospital Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Health Information Manager.

  • Career Path and Progression: With experience, You'll increase your chances for career progression if you complete a specific higher level management qualification, like a master's in business administration (MBA) or a diploma in management studies (DMS). You could also apply for jobs at director or chief executive level.

Semester III
Hospital Administration and Health Care Management

Course Code Course Title
OMBH 301 Indoor and Outdoor Hospital Services
OMBH 302 Ancillary Hospital Services
OMBH 303 Legal Aspects of Hospital and Health Management
OMBH 304 Marketing of Health Care Services
OMBH 305 Community Health & Hospital Safety & Risk Management
OMBH 306 Quality Management in Health Care Services
OMBE 307/308 Generic Elective-I

NOTE - For Generic Elective-I course (Course code- (OMBE 307/308))
             students can select any one of the following courses.

OMBE 307 - Digital Marketing
OMBE 308 - Business English

Semester IV
Hospital Administration and Health Care Management

 Course Code   Course Title
 OMBH 401 Hospital Administration & Bio medical waste Management
 OMBH 402 Operations Management in Hospitals
 OMBE 403/404 Generic Elective-II
 OMBP 405  Project Work Report

NOTE - For Generic Elective-II course (Course code- (OMBE 403/404))
             students can select any one of the following courses.

OMBE 403 - Soft Skill
OMBE 404 - Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


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