Final Announcement: Enrollment Deadline Approaching! Apply before July 16th 2024, to join the 2024-25 batch.
About the Programme

Best Online Certificate Program for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet, digital gadgets, digital media and platforms to promote products and services. The Digital Marketing programme has been designed with the objective to familiarize students with key aspects of digital marketing.

DPUCOL learners will gain a working knowledge of the domain and understand the framework of online marketing businesses and their operations effectively. They will learn how to use social media tools for branding and sales along with grasping technical skills. Further, students will familiarize themselves with the best practices, tools and technologies,understand the future of digital marketing, and prepare themselves for it.

After the completion of the programme, students will be exposed to digital marketingactivities and will be able to start a website or an app/video channel on their own. They can also start their own digital marketing agency.

Programme Objectives:

  • To get a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing
  • To understand its advantages and limitations
  • To become familiar with best practices, tools & technologies
  • To understand how to use social media tools for branding and sales
  • To blend digital with offline marketing
  • To plan and manage a digital marketing budget
  • To manage reporting & tracking metrics
  • To understand the future of Digital Marketing and prepare for it
Programme Structure
Online Digital Marketing Courses
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Engine Optimization
Integrated Marketing Communication
Marketing Communication
Social Media Marketing
Media Marketing
Emerging Trends in Information Technology
Emerging Trends
in Information Technology
Bachelor's Degree Holder / Graduate in any Discipline from a Recognised University or a Diploma Holders.