MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Specialization - Business Analytics
  • Online MBA Program in Business Analytics:

  • Business Analytics is a combination of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Computer Programming. It is the science of analysing data to find out patterns that will be helpful in developing strategies. Its usage can be found in almost every industry. Business analytics is a field that drives practical, data-driven changes in a business. It is a practical application of statistical analysis that focuses on providing actionable recommendations. Analysts in this field focus on how to apply the insights they derive from data. Their goal is to draw concrete conclusions about a business by answering specific questions about why things happened, what will happen and what should be done.

  • With MBA in Business Analytics, one learns to identify user trends, successful functions, and potential user adoption problems with the applications. As data becomes more valuable to organizations, so do business analysts.


  • At DPUCOL, the best online MBA in Business Analytics , the curriculum is specifically designed to meet the requirements of this cutting edge corporate world. It incorporates Budgeting and forecasting, Planning and monitoring, Variance analysis, Pricing, Reporting are some key skills that an BA should have hands-on experience in.

  • It is evident that this 2-year curriculum covers all the important disciplines in the field of Business Analytics. In spite of the fact that one will pursue this MBA course at its own place through online learning, it will always get excellent learning and career guidance support from our professors and experts. DPU COL always endeavors to bestow true and appropriate knowledge upon its students so that they can be the future leaders and future-ready for their tasks.


  • Management Consulting

  • Growth Manager

  • Business consultant

  • Leadership Roles in Business Analytics, Sales, HR, Marketing & Finance

  • Growth & Strategy roles

Online MBA Program in Business Analytics

Semester III
Business Analytics

Course Code

Course Title


Business Analytics-I


Business Analytics-II




Business Statistics and Econometrics


Performing Analytics with Python.


R programming for Data analysis and Visualization

OMBE 307/308

Generic Elective-I

Note: For Generic Elective-I course (Course code- (OMBE 307/308)); students can select any one of the following courses

Course Code

Course Title

OMBE 307

Digital Marketing

OMBE 308

Business English

Semester IV
Business Analytics

Course Code

Course Title


Business Mathematics & Optimization Techniques


Python Programming for data visualization

OMBE 403/404

Generic Elective-II

OMBP 405

Project Work Report

Note: For Generic Elective-II course (Course code-()); students can select any one of the following courses.

Course Code

Course Title

OMBE 403

Soft Skill

OMBE 404

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance