MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Specialization - Agri-Business Management
  • Online MBA Program in AgriBusiness Management:

  • AgriBusiness management is the application of business principles to improve the agricultural industry and farm output. Agribusiness management, also known as agricultural business management, applies business ideas and practises to the agricultural industry in order to reduce costs, increase revenues, and ensure that farm or food products are developed and supplied efficiently.

  • An MBA in AgriBusiness Management is a programme designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the agricultural industry. This program covers a wide range of topics, including agribusiness strategy, marketing, finance, supply chain management, and more.


  • DPUCOL offers students with MBA in AgriBusiness Management with opportunities to learn the latest techniques in agricultural production and management, as well as the business principles required to succeed in today's global economy. The programme is designed to help students develop a broad understanding of the industry, as well as the ability to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

  • It is evident that this 2-year curriculum covers all the important disciplines in the field of AgriBusiness. In spite of the fact that one will pursue this MBA course at its own place through online learning, it will always get excellent learning and career guidance support from our professors and experts. DPU-COL always endeavors to bestow true and appropriate knowledge upon its students so that they can be the future leaders and future-ready for their tasks.


  • Agricultural Manager

  • Farm Manager

  • Crop Producer

  • Agricultural Analyst

  • Quality Controller

  • Farm Appraiser

Semester III
AgriBusiness Management Specialization

Course Code

Course Title


Current Trends in Agri Business Management


Livestock Management and Fodder Technology


Management of Agricultural Engineering Business


Marketing of Agri- Inputs and Outputs


Post-harvest Technology and Management


Agri Import and Export Management

OMBE 307/308

Generic Elective-I

Note: For Generic Elective-I course (Course code- (OMBE 307/308)); students can select any one of the following courses.

Course Code

Course Title


Digital Marketing 

OMBE 308

Business English

Semester IV:
Agri Business Management Specialization

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Course Title





OMBE 403/404

Generic Elective-II

OMBP 405

Project Work Report

Note: For Generic Elective-II course (Course code- (OMBE 403/404)); students can select any one of the following courses.

Course Code

Course Title

OMBE 403

Soft Skill

OMBE 404

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance