What Do You Need to Know Before Pursuing Online MBA?

What Do You Need to Know Before Pursuing Online MBA?

Explore to know more about what do you need to know before pursuing Online MBA. Find more details about the requirements and benefits of Online MBA program.

October, 15 2022

There are many popular postgraduate programs that you can consider for your career according to the field you are interested in.

Among these, one of the most popular postgraduate programs is an MBA. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is done by students who mainly want to improve their organizational and business skills.

MBA is a financial challenge for most students but still, it is considered to be an investment in oneself as the kind of exposure, salary hike, and promotion in the job position turns out to be worth spending on an MBA program.

However, the advancement of technology and popularization of online MBA courses has also emerged as an option for many who cannot enroll themselves in a full-time MBA because of various reasons.

But many people in India still believe that online MBA courses in India are not that good when compared to full-time offline programs.

However, this perception is not correct. For some people, an online MBA can be a better option than the traditional way of doing it.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider before opting for an online MBA in India:

Why an online MBA?

Today, online MBA programs are considered to be as good as traditional MBAs because many reputational institutes are running these online programs giving them the same exposure and environment as a student would get on campus.

These courses have good worldwide recognition providing you with the best placement opportunities.

As the program is completely online, it results in the flexibility of taking the lectures because many people who are enrolled in an online MBA program are working.

Research about the course

What should we look for in online MBA courses? To get the answer to this question, you need to research well about the course like which institute is providing it, whether it is accredited or not, what are the placement opportunities, etc.

These things will help you discover among the various available options and opt for the best one that meets your requirements.

Timeline of online MBA in India

Online MBA courses have a range of different formats based on your requirements. The timeline of the course totally depends on the course you are enrolling in and also on how much time you want to complete it.

Courses provide you with an option of whether you want to complete it in one year or as per the traditional timeline of two years.

The timeline of the course depends on your career goals. Considering the reasons, you can choose the best duration of the course that suits you the best.

Faculty and alumni

The faculty and alumni in the online MBA courses play a vital role in making it a great learning opportunity for the individual enrolled in it.

Having a good faculty enhances your learning experience by giving you greater insights into the business environment.

Similarly, having an active alumni base can also act as an added advantage to your career growth opportunities.

Requirements for doing online MBA courses in India:

  • A candidate having a graduation degree in any field or in their final year of graduation can do an online MBA.
  • There is no specific upper age limit for doing an online MBA.
  • Candidates of the unreserved or general category should have a minimum 50% aggregate in their graduation. SC/ST candidates should have a 45% aggregate in their graduation.
  • Candidates are eligible for the entrance criteria of the university or institute conducting the course. Scores for entrance exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, etc. are widely acceptable.
  • You should have relevant skills like communication, teamwork, project management, leadership skills, etc. 
  • Candidates having work experience in the related field can get an added advantage.

Benefits of online MBA courses

Economical/Cost Saving

When compared to offline MBA programs, online MBA courses are very economical and cost-effective.

The low operational cost of online MBA programs is why they have comparatively low fees.

They also offer you the option of paying your fees monthly, which is an advantage for many lower-income candidates who can't pay the entire amount at once.


There are many online MBA courses offered by reputed universities and business schools worldwide that help you develop the essential business and management skills for the growth of your career.

Doing the course with these reputed universities makes it highly valuable in future job opportunities.

Quality and Interaction

The curriculum, faculty, and alumni network provided by reputed universities and business schools make the quality of the course comparable to a traditional on-campus course.

They also provide you with interactive sessions and conferences with your classmates and faculty to create an on-campus-like atmosphere.

This helps you to build your network with students and teachers all across the globe.

Flexibility and Credibility

Online MBA courses are very flexible as you can choose the duration of the course and attend the lectures whenever you want by customizing them as per your schedule.

It is a better option for people who want to complete their degree along with their work and other obligations.

Hence, for these people, the flexibility provided in an online program is one of the most important factors to look for.

The accreditation of the course you are involved in improves its credibility when you apply for or higher job positions.

Therefore, try to enroll yourself in a course with reputed institutions with good accreditation.


We can conclude that doing an online MBA can be as good as the traditional MBA, provided you enroll yourself with highly reputed universities and business schools.

DPU-COL is among the best institutions for an online MBA where students can enroll themselves and develop the necessary skills to advance in their careers.

The teachers and the faculty members of the institution ensure that you can learn everything within your comfort zone and increase your knowledge in your desired field.

Do consider their

online MBA course to fulfill your dreams and achieve the best out of your career.

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