Top Five Skills Online MBA Program Focused on DPU-COL

Top Five Skills Online MBA Program Focused on DPU-COL

Top 5 skills nurtured through DPU-COL online MBA course that includes strategizing, leadership, analysis, influencing, and problem-solving. DPU-COL’s online MBA educational plan for two years comprises 24 courses with several projects.

August, 20 2022

What started as a single institution for medical students became the center point of varied education for the development of the socio-economic culture of India.

DPU-COL is not just an organization where one can get enrolled and complete graduation courses.

Instead, it is the hub for every student who wants to excel in their studies, but not by following textbooks.

Teachers and faculty members ensure that students can learn everything concerning a course within their comfort zone.

That's why the university initiated online education programs. The board understood how important it is for students to access a high level of education. But that’s not all!

DPU-COL makes online education accessible to everyone who wants to improve their skills and imbibe more knowledge about a particular field.

DPU-COL is concerned with fusing the traditional education system with modern technologies and infrastructures to ensure every student enrolling in the educational programs can easily fulfill their dreams and bag the best career.

DPU-COL: MBA program for graduates online

An MBA or Master in Business Administration from DPU-COL is explicitly arranged to provide higher-level education in management and business to graduates.

The entire course program is two years, divided into four semesters. Being registered under UGC, the course certification is globally accredited.

It can help a student bag some of the best jobs in different industries after completing the degree from DPU-COL.

The university offers multiple specialization options to aspiring candidates. Some of the most amazing offerings from the university are:

  • Marketing Management
  • HRM, Finance Management
  • IT Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Hospital and Healthcare Management
  • IB Management

DPU-COL’s online MBA educational plan for two years comprises 24 courses with several projects.

The credit distribution for the 1st semester is 27, the 2nd semester is 27, the 3rd semester is 28, and the 4th semester is 20.

All the learning courses are intuitive and conducted interactively to ensure students can easily grasp the concepts without hassles.

All classes and teachings are available in live and recorded formats to ensure students can earn the subjects according to their comfort.

Apart from this, webinars are also organized, with industry experts being the main speakers.

MBA is one of the best DPU-COL online courses with which one can efficiently complete a professional degree and gain more leverage in the context of career programs.

Top 5 skills nurtured through DPU-COL online MBA course.

It is considered one of the best DPU-COL online courses; it nurtures the five most important business and management skills.

A person can easily take important career decisions and excel in them.

Going forward, we have explained these five skills one can master through the MBA online program from the DPU-COL.


One of the major skills that students can harness through the online MBA course program from DPU-COL is strategizing and critical thinking.

In this, hypercompetitive market, strategies play a crucial role in determining the fate of a business.

If any decision is made without a proper strategy backing the step, it may lead to a disastrous situation.

Therefore, the online MBA program focuses on building the strategic thinking power of students.


Often people get confused between leadership and management. While an MBA helps students gain management skills for business administration and functions, it also teaches them how to become leaders.

A leader is an individual who can motivate or inspire others to better the individual and business.

Being a leader is no piece of cake. For this, a person needs to be empathic and understanding.

They need to understand the situation appropriately and ensure the provided solution generates the expected results.


Unless and until a person analyses the business appropriately, it is impossible to generate reports or make forecasts.

This can further interfere with the decision-making process, adversely impacting the business.

With DPU-COL, an online MBA, students can gain more knowledge in analyzing processes and implementing the same to take the business up several notches, making plans for operational transformations, etc.


With leadership skills developed in the individual, the online course will also make students capable of playing with their words and leave behind a positive impression on the community.

They can easily convince others about business points and take the ball in their court through logical and pragmatic negotiations.


Finally, with the online MBA course from DPU-COL, a student can excel in solving major problems the business has faced.

They will be able to solve critical issues in no time while assessing the impact they can have in the long run.


DPU-COL is one of the best institutions where graduate students can complete the MBA course and advance their careers.

As the course is planned to bridge the gaps between skills and industry requirements, there is nothing to worry about the results.

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