Top 10 Skills Managers Need

Top 10 Skills Managers Need

Find top 10 skills every manager need most. In order to be successful in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, managers must use a wide variety of skills.

October, 17 2022

In today's world, the need for management skills is increasing day by day.

Managers are required in every field, whether it is finance, marketing, human resources, etc. to effectively utilize the availability of resources and manpower to achieve the required work in the given amount of time.

Management requires various abilities and skills like communication, planning, controlling, leadership, decision-making, strategy, etc. and with the help of these skills and abilities, the goals of the organization/business are meant to be achieved.

Management skills never become outdated as they are required in every area of work as well as in our daily lives.

Also, they are easily transferable, and you can learn the skills from others while working as a team or group so that in the future you can yourself be able to handle a large team operating under your command.

If you want to learn management skills from a professional perspective, then online MBA courses are the best way to do that.

Online MBA in India is the most appropriate post-graduate degree that will help you learn management skills in the best possible ways.

This is because online MBA programs provide you with different areas of specialization in finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, sales, advertising, etc. as per your field of interest.

To help you inculcate management skills in various fields, online MBA courses give you exposure you will not get anywhere else.

You will get to interact with students, professors, and teaching staff from different backgrounds and fields and they will provide you with valuable experiences related to business and management.

Interacting with them and working in teams or groups on various projects with your classmates will help you understand how to manage and communicate with people coming from different backgrounds, thought processes, cultures, behavior, etc.

Therefore, online MBA programs can be the best way to learn management skills and excel in your career.

Here is a list of the top 10 required skills for MBA managers that will help you grow and achieve your career goals:


A good leader is someone who can motivate, persuade, and encourage people to work at their best potential and help them reach a level of success beyond their expectations.

People often require motivation to give their best at something and an influential leader can play a vital role in this process.


A manager does not always have to be a leader but also believes in teamwork. Teamwork is the best way to generate motivation, reduce pressure, and be a great opportunity to learn from other team members.

It is one of the most reliable and effective tools for organizational efficiency as well as growth.


As a manager, you need to have very good communication skills so that you can handle a team of different people/personalities effectively.

Managers should be able to properly communicate project updates and deadlines, assign tasks, answer questions, give feedback, and handle tough conversations with their juniors as well as the senior employees in the organization.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is an ongoing process where you should be able to strategically analyze different situations, examine different alternatives by evaluating the pros and cons, and then select an opportunity/alternative possible for the best results.

Time Management

The meaning of time management is not only constrained to being on time; rather, it means making the most out of your time by not procrastinating things so that you can have some extra time and avoid the frustration of last-minute deadlines.

You should be able to motivate people so that they do not procrastinate their work and learn time management at an individual level.

Adaptability and handling conflicts

Management is dynamic and hence you need to be updated and adaptable to act prudently in difficult situations that need unconventional solutions.

Also, you should have the ability to handle conflict as you are managing people from different backgrounds and fields, and they are obviously not going to agree on everything and there has to be some kind of this agreement.

Therefore, as a manager, you should be able to take different perspectives of people into consideration and think of the best solution.


Networking is directly related to building a relationship with people, whether it is for business purposes or on an individual level.

If you want to increase the growth of your business, then you need to build a better network and relationship with your customers, investors, and financers to never see a standstill or negative growth.


To boost the morale of your employees, recognition has always been one of the most important techniques to make happen.

Whether it be a person working in lower positions in the organization or someone working at the top level, everyone needs some kind of recognition and feel appreciation for their work and contribution.

Therefore, giving recognition at regular intervals can be very effective to keep your employees highly motivated and get the best out of them.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve work with the help of old techniques and their creativity comes into play.

You need to find some unconventional solutions to problems that can't be solved by using textbook methods.


Although management is concerned with how to manage people and difficult situations, the responsibility of a manager can never be ignored.

A manager is responsible for the work done by the staff under his/her control and is accountable for each of their actions.


We have seen how different skills play an important role in becoming a good manager in any field and how effective online MBA courses are to inculcate these skills.

If you want to become a better manager and adapt your skills, then DPU Online is here to make that happen.

It is one of the best and most highly valued online MBA courses that will help you acquire every skill you need to grow in your career.

Enroll yourself in our online MBA program today to accomplish your dreams.

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