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The Rise of the Online MBA Courses in 2022: Why Should You Consider?

The Rise of the Online MBA Courses in 2022: Why Should You Consider?

The corporates are shaping up again and an MBA can definitely give you an advantage above others in the run. An online MBA is an even better option in 2022.

June, 03 2022

A bachelor's degree is no longer sufficient in today's competitive employment environment. Employers are looking for highly trained and competent employees who can help teams and businesses achieve their objectives.

According to a poll done by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), approximately 77% of US businesses intended to hire MBA graduates.

And that the Asia Pacific area is experiencing an increase in demand for graduates with specialised business master's degrees.

About Online MBA

MBA is a highly lucrative online degree that is in high demand nowadays.

White-collar professionals, primarily young entrepreneurs and corporate executives have turned to online MBAs for career growth & guidance.

They direct their career path in favour of acquiring business qualifications as an add-on.

The popularity of online MBA programmes has grown to such an extent that even prestigious B-schools around the world have jumped on board with their own online MBA programmes.

These courses are delivered entirely online through the use of live virtual classrooms.

Many online MBA students aspire to advance their careers by joining a management cadre or lateral promotion to a higher-level position in a mid-sized to large organisation.

A growing number of MBA programmes are becoming blended, mixing on-campus and distant learning activities, or even entirely online.

The International Flex EMBA, which is entirely online, offers the option of streaming some classes for a more flexible experience.

Growth of Online MBA Degree?

The online MBA maintained a high level of prestige and attraction.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), nearly nine out of ten programmes reported that their applicant pools were equally qualified (63 percent) or more qualified (24 percent) than the prior-year in 2019.

By 2021, over 80 percent of online MBA programmes will have increased. On the demand side, about 77% of US MNCs anticipate hiring MBA graduates.

The Asia Pacific industry is experiencing an increase in demand for specialised business master's graduates and MBA specialists.

On a more local level, online MBA programmes in India provide specialisations in areas including information technology, supply chain management, strategy, data analytics, and any new technology that the industry adopts.

Additionally, the subjects prepare students to pursue employment in their selected domain overseas.

Recently, we've noticed an increase in the popularity of online MBA programmes. The majority pays a premium on lifelong learning.

Several are designed specifically for working professionals, such as the EMBA for working executives and the 12-month online Executive PGPM.

MBA programmes offered online typically require two years of full-time study to finish.

Numerous colleges, however, provide accelerated timeframes for their programmes, allowing students to finish in as little as 12-18 months.

Advantages of Online MBA Degree

Self-Paced Learning

If you're considering an online MBA, you're probably juggling career and family obligations while also keeping an eye on the future.

Because the majority of online MBA programmes combine synchronous (class or project time) and asynchronous learning (work that you can finish at your convenience), online MBA schedules are typically extremely adaptable to difficult schedules.

An online MBA is one of the most adaptable MBA programmes available. Because many services, such as message boards and email, utilise asynchronous technology, you can answer at your own pace.

Real-time (or synchronous) components of an online MBA programme, such as videoconferencing, can be conducted from home, making it easier to fit an MBA into your schedule because you will not be required to commute.

DPU COL offers an online delivery model (with special query resolution sessions) that gives you the freedom to choose when, where and how much you want to study.

Accessibility to the Resource Library

Online MBA programmes are at the cutting edge of business technology because they give a quality curriculum directly to their students' computers.

The institute offers recorded lectures by eminent faculty explaining the concepts to hold the best virtual class experience. These lectures ensure learning anywhere at any time.

Global Perspective

As online MBA programmes have grown in popularity and prominence, several institutions have made international recruitment a priority, offering opportunities for worldwide business immersion and even creating satellite colleges in other countries.

Given that online MBA students often do not interact with their peers on a daily basis, the opportunity to meet with other students, instructors, and professionals in immersion overseas contexts can have a significant educational impact, even if the experience is brief.

The MBA offered at DPU-COL is globally accepted and credible across the globe.


Online MBAs are typically less expensive than on-campus MBAs, as online MBA programmes have lower infrastructure costs.

For instance, an online MBA programme does not necessitate the construction of new classrooms.

Additionally, you are not required to pay fees for on-campus facilities such as the library or the internet. Additionally, you avoid the costs involved with commuting.

Due to the lower cost of these programmes and the ability to continue working, online MBA graduates typically have an easier time repaying their education loans.

A Perfect Choice while for Career Advancement

Career advancement is a primary reason that many people acquire an MBA. At times, working professionals believe they have reached a point in their careers when they require more assistance to advance to higher or managerial level roles.

An online MBA can assist you in this endeavour. Earning an MBA online can also help working professionals advance their careers and earn higher salaries.

DPU Offerings at a Glance

Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth - Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is one of the largest online learning education universities in India providing quality education to students.

The MBA programs offered by DPU COL are approved by UGC and delivered via online mode where learners will gain their post-graduation management degree without the complexities of a full-time MBA program.

Empower yourself by giving your career the right boost with DPU-COL’s online MBA program.

This MBA degree program will help learners to gain insights on all the important concepts and practices as well as trends in their chosen area.


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  • Solve Problems Creatively
  • Become a World-Class Leader

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