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Top 10 Reasons Why You Pursue an Online BBA Degree

Top 10 Reasons Why You Pursue an Online BBA Degree

Want to earn an Online BBA Degree? Here are the top 10 reasons why it's the perfect choice for your career. Our blog has all the details you need.

September, 29 2023

Bachelor of Business Administration (or BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree that teaches every aspect of business administration. Students who want to jump-start their business career can opt for BBA courses as it provides a complete course to teach the nuances of business administration. 

BBA is a combination of Business and Management courses that helps students to learn about the foundations of business and entrepreneurship. It helps to determine a business's strengths and weaknesses, which will ultimately help you gain maximum benefits from the business. Therefore, BBA education is a direct source for students to determine how they can excel in business administration. However, the BBA course was initially available only for offline students with on-campus enrollment. Still, these days with technological advancement, online BBA degree program is accessible and students can benefit from their flexibility. 

What is an Online BBA Degree All About? 

As BBA is a study of Business Administration and a three-year course for students, online BBA is similar to such a degree. It is similar to the same syllabus and training, but the teaching mode differs in an online BBA degree. As the name suggests, in online degree programs, students are taught in an online mode. 

In the online BBA course, the students are provided with the following:

  • Online lectures
  • Resources
  • Access to online libraries
  • Various such facilities teach them about the basic foundational course of BBA.

As there are various specialized courses in BBA, which include Business Law, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and various such things, online BBA courses provide all such knowledge to students within a stipulated period with better accessibility and flexibility. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an Online BBA Degree

1. Career Advancement:

A BBA is a professional degree that helps to enhance career opportunities. It helps students cover various aspects of business administration, allowing them to get better results and a reputation in the market. Vast knowledge is imbibed in this course that helps a student choose a career path with promising opportunities. With a BBA degree in hand, one can leave the worries of doing a Master's in Business Administration as ample job opportunities are available after the successful completion of the program. In addition, one can easily find career advancement with merely two to three years of experience. 

2. Early Development of Management Skills: 

Management skills are essential for a business, and therefore, they tend to find a candidate who is a professional person with management skills. Generally, students opt for a graduate degree and later pursue an MBA to get management jobs. Still, BBA is a strong foundation for these management courses; therefore, one can easily rely on this course to make their base in Management. Therefore, there is an early development of management skills in the BBA courses. 

3. Learn Different Specializations: 

A learner can choose various specialized courses in BBA. This includes accounting, finance management, business law, business economics, and various others. Therefore, there is a broad scope of specializations that one can choose from while doing a BBA course. This is an added advantage for the students because they can learn about these specializations during their graduation course without waiting for the master's. 

4. Access to Global Business Network: 

Online BBA course provides increased network presence as an added benefit. In any business, networking is vital to propagate and proliferate the presence among the audience. Therefore, the BBA course understands this demand and provides an opportunity to gain a global business network for the students. One has little opportunity to network with global business partners in offline or on-campus BBA courses, but online BBA courses are free from such limitations. Therefore, this is a further benefit for students studying for an online BBA course. 

5. Rewarding Salary Jobs: 

With a BBA degree in hand, there are various jobs that one can pursue after completing the course. After completion of this course, these jobs also provide lucrative salary options. Initially, the salary in business administration would be INR 3-5 LPA. But, with experience, it might increase INR 10-12 LPA which is an excellent package for students. Therefore, this is the most beneficial for students aspiring for high-income jobs. 

6. Personal Achievement: 

Personal achievement is essential for everyone enrolling for any course either for graduation or post-graduation. The BBA course helps students gain enormous room for personal development, which helps them develop a well-developed personality by its end. Personal achievement in online BBA courses is relevant because various assignments, activities, and workshops provide curricular and extra-curricular knowledge, helping them to develop themselves at the best level. It boosts confidence, leadership skills, team management, and other essential skills for personal development. 

7. Way to Become a Successful Entrepreneur: 

The BBA course deals with all the nuances of business to help it to sustain itself. Therefore, the BBA course will provide enhanced knowledge to students who want to be an entrepreneur. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship. 

8. Easy and flexible learning: 

Online BBA course provides flexible timing for the students and, therefore, helps them to learn at their own pace. There are various video lectures, assignments, and workshops which you can attend by sitting on your couch, providing an excellent room for flexibility to the students. Therefore, this is another important reason you should choose an online BBA course rather than dedicating complete hours to an on-campus BBA course. 

9. Multi-disciplinary:

A BBA degree is a multi-disciplinary course that helps students gain knowledge about marketing, management, human resource management, and various such disciplines in one course. Therefore, online BBA is opted for by a student who wants to enter the corporate world because they get every specialization on one platter making their work easier and providing them with knowledge of the corporate field. 

10. Accessible Course: 

An online BBA course is both affordable and accessible. The offline BBA has higher fees, including various hostel and other facilities charges. However, the students enrolled in online BBA courses do not have to bear such expenses. Therefore, the online BBA fees for such courses are lower. So, this is an advantage of why you should choose a BBA online program for your studies. 

These are some important reasons you should choose the online BBA course. It will help you gain advanced business administration knowledge and open up various resources for your career advancement. Therefore, if you are planning to enter the corporate world, you can try BBA courses to learn from basic to advanced levels about administration nuances. 

DPU-COL is an institute that helps students gain the knowledge required in the corporate world with expert faculty members and quality curriculum design. The institute is a designated institute recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and proves to be one of the best institutes in India for management and business studies. The curriculum includes courses such as business analytics, organizational behavior, business communication, management information systems, international marketing and organizational behavior. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an online BBA?

An online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a web-based undergraduate program focusing on business administration. This program offers students a comprehensive education in business fundamentals, encompassing areas such as management, accounting, finance, marketing, and other relevant subjects.

Which colleges offer online BBA?

DPU-COL in Pune offers a three-year online BBA. It is offered across five specializations including Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, IT and Systems Management, and International Business Management. Before BBA online admission, students must ensure that the college/ university is accredited by UGC, NAAC, AICTE, WES, etc.

How to apply for BBA Online?

Application forms are usually accepted for an online BBA programme throughout the academic year on a rolling basis. Online program enrollment usually follows the procedure of direct admission. However, a student applying must fulfil the basic eligibility criteria. That entails higher education (10+ 2) or its equivalent exam with any stream and English as one of the subjects from a recognized board.

What are the benefits of online BBA programs?

Any student pursuing an online BBA program must know how it is a better choice compared to the traditional BBA programme. It is flexible, accessible, and affordable, and provides diverse career opportunities, career advancement, and networking opportunities.

How much does a BBA course cost online?

A BBA online degree is flexible and more accessible in comparison to the on-campus program. Moreover, it costs less as the student does not use the on-campus facilities. This makes their fees extremely affordable ranging between INR 75,0000- 1,20,000. 

What is the average salary of BBA graduates?

BBA graduates can earn an average salary of INR 4.75 LPA. For freshers, the starting salary is INR 1.65 LPA which increases as per experience to INR 10 LPA. 

Why should you study BBA Online?

Studying online for a BBA degree helps you make organizations work better, see upcoming chances, handle business challenges, and have a say in how managers make decisions in today's ever-changing business world. Online degree programs help you understand how different parts of a company work together.

Where can I get IT jobs after BBA?

To help candidates understand where BBA graduates can find IT jobs, here's a breakdown. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, you can apply for jobs in various cities like Dubai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, and more. And the good news is, there are also job opportunities for fresh BBA graduates in foreign countries.

Which companies hire BBA students in India?

Top companies such as Wipro, TCS, and Infosys are actively recruiting BBA graduates. They provide competitive salary packages ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh per month.

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