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Pros and Cons of Online MBA Degrees

Pros and Cons of Online MBA Degrees

Find more about advantages and disadvantages of studying Online MBA degree. There are numerous benefits of doing an Online MBA and fewer disadvantages which are often faced in the case of lesser-known or unreliable degrees.

December, 12 2022

The growing popularity of online degrees in management and businesses makes it easier for professionals to gear up their performances as well as their incomes. And of course, if we are talking about business, how can we overlook the importance of an online MBA degree?

However, there are always two facets to a coin and many people still hesitate to enroll in online courses.

They often hover over the credibility of the degree, which is why we are going to take an in-depth look at the advantage and disadvantages of an online MBA degree in this article.

We are going to cover the main aspects of the online and offline courses by evaluating their worth which will eventually solve all your doubts and misconceptions about both.

So, let's start here:

Advantages of an online MBA

1. Quality

If we talk about whether the quality of online remains the same as an offline MBA degree or not, then we have some of the top universities on the list that are offering online MBA programs.

In these universities curriculum, faculty, and alumni network remain the same as their on-campus degree program.

Since the same instructors use the same curriculum, not much is lost in terms of the quality of instruction and courses.

2. Interaction

Many believe that online degrees lack face-to-face interactions making them less interactive and easily distractible for learners to eradicate these claims.

Many universities now offer walk-in campus meets, webinars, and workshops to help learners get a feel of the campus.

Another misconception is that an online degree doesn’t give people international exposure, but the reality is different.

Unlike any other offline course, online courses give a great opportunity to interact, connect, and learn from experts all around the world.

3. Flexibility 

An online MBA program allows you to pursue the program from anywhere around the world which you can easily manage besides your busy work schedule.

You don’t have to worry about missing lectures or getting late for classes, instead, you get the freedom of learning at your own pace.

Moreover, online MBA programs offer flexibility and convenience thanks to interactive classrooms that allow you to view courses live, interact with classmates via discussion forums, and take quizzes from anywhere, at any time.

4. Cost savings

Among many other benefits of an online course is that it is comparatively cheaper than offline MBA programs.

This is primarily because in an online program there are no charges for campus facilities and library, or other charges included.

Since you can learn besides earning, you feel more financially secure. Additionally, by making monthly payments, you might choose a lengthier online MBA course that is more economical.

5. Reputation

There are numerous finest online MBA programs available from reputable colleges and business schools throughout India and the world.

Doing these programs will not only equip you with the most important business and management abilities in you but will also boost your reputation and make you a valuable asset to enterprises.

This will allow you to expand your global business network and engage in global affairs and events.

6. Admission requirements

Your graduation degree is enough for you to get admission. However, the requirement of percentile can be different depending upon the reputation or education standards of different institutes.

Many universities also require your work status or experience to take admitted to an online course.

Sometimes, if you commit to returning to your job after your MBA, your firm may be willing to support your education or provide part tuition.

Work experience will also assist you in determining which field of business administration most interests you.

If you have job experience, many online MBA programs will waive standardized exam scores such as the GMAT and GRE.

Disadvantages of Online MBA

1. Absence of the campus experience

The primary and most debated disadvantage of an online course is that it lacks the campus experience, even though it may contain a few face-to-face classes.

Many believe that on-campus short projects and programs created for online students cannot replace the feel and ambiance of the campus.

When it comes to building relationships with faculty members, an online course can be less effective.

Students in an online program miss out on some valuable qualities such as punctuality, discipline, and adaptability.

It also prevents them from getting the field experience of networking with like-minded people.

Online programs don’t provide students with adequate internship opportunities which is a significant disadvantage.

2. Need for greater discipline

When you study full time, you can prioritize your studies and give them your full attention.

On the contrary, the online version requires you to balance your employment and family obligations with your MBA.

You must find time for your schoolwork in a hectic schedule by exercising your time management abilities to the fullest.

A student who studies alone may be inclined to delay and miss tests and assignments.

Sometimes managing different things at the same time such as work, household chores, and learning students often leave the course in between or take longer time intervals in between which affects their learning and focus.

Furthermore, some students want immediate feedback and coaching, which may be unavailable in an online format.

3. Recruiter apathy

Some recruiters and senior executives often get skeptical about online degrees and the institute from which you get your degree.

This is due to the credibility of your degree or institute. Earlier many hiring managers used to prefer candidates with an offline degree over online ones and many still do that.

However, if you have completed your degree from a recognized university then you have higher chances than those who have degrees from a lesser-known institution or one that lacks formal certification.

As a result, you must check the accreditation and quality of your program.

4. Technology cost

It is not surprising that tuition fees for online courses are sometimes lower than those for traditional courses.

However, you may need to spend money on smart, secure gear that enables online study. The greatest online MBA programs are no exception.

You will need to purchase a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, as well as reliable, high-speed internet.

You will also require a power backup system to deal with power outages. So, you will have to pay to have these services for your online MBA education without interruptions.

Join an Online MBA or Not?

So, as we have seen there are numerous benefits of doing an online MBA and fewer disadvantages which are often faced in the case of lesser-known or unreliable degrees. Otherwise, an online MBA weighs heavier in each factor than the offline one.

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