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Online BBA Finance Degree: Syllabus, Career & Scope Details

Online BBA Finance Degree: Syllabus, Career & Scope Details

Elevate your financial career with an Online BBA Finance degree. Our blog covers everything from the course to the fee, and more. Start your journey today!

September, 02 2023

What is an Online BBA Finance Degree?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in finance uplifts finance management skills and enhances creativity along with critical thinking abilities. It is a 3-year long course that enables you to gain a clear insight into the finance sector. The domain is secure and improbable of becoming out of fashion in the coming years. BBA in finance is a well-known and beneficial career for aspirants all over the world. It establishes the foundation for a lucrative job in the finance sector.

The students who earn an online BBA degree are just as qualified as those who earned their degree through traditional means. After completing an online BBA degree program in finance, you can cooperate at a profitable level of understanding, be a finance manager, manage credit structure, and so on. If you desire to make the most of your business school in finance management, apply to Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth's (DPU) BBA programs. Our university provides one of the best online BBA courses proposing highly interactive classes with your own place becoming an online learning center with impeccable career assistance.

Online BBA Finance Program Eligibility Criteria

An Online BBA course is a widely known undergraduate degree that offers a good foundation for those wishing to pursue a skilled career in finance management.

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing online BBA in India, as well as distance BBA, is a 10+2 pass in any stream. On an application basis, distance universities offer direct admission. The 12th must have been completed by the State Board / CBSE / NIOS / IGCSE / IB / ICSE recognised by the State or Central Government. Applicants are chosen on merit and then interviewed in person to be selected for an online BBA in finance course.

Online BBA Finance Program Fees

The online BBA fees for the Finance course in India range between Rs 9000 and Rs 50,000 per year.

DPU is an excellent option for learners seeking an affordable online BBA course alternative. The institution offers scholarships in exceptional cases and charges a reasonable course fee.

Online BBA Finance Program Admission

Students interested in careers in business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, and other related fields can take a BBA online admission in the DY Patil University’s Online BBA course, which lasts three years. Although it is a fully online program, these programs have similar significance as that of a full-time offline BBA course as it is approved worldwide.

Despite the widely held belief that real training obtained online is inefficient and unrecognised, an increasing number of believable and eligible universities are offering online BBA programs entirely online or through distance learning. This is because online programs enable people to have similar proficiency as that of a traditional offline course. Plus, students benefit from such courses with handsome job opportunities at the end of the course.

To apply, you have to visit the official website of the university and fill out the application form and then the officials will guide you through the admission procedure.

Online BBA Finance Program Selection Process

The selection process in DPU is as follows:

  • The first task is to access the institution's website.
  • Visit the website and carry forward the learner’s authentication.
  • Proceed with filling up the admission form with basic details, educational qualifications, and employment details.
  • Upload a photo and signature and submit the form.
  • You will receive a verification from the institution if you are selected via email or SMS.

Online BBA Finance Program Subjects and Syllabus

Online BBA finance syllabus educates learners on the fundamentals of finance as just an area of study, as well as finance-related subjects. The BBA finance syllabus is a three-year program divided into six semesters. The subjects include Management Principles and Practice, Business Communication, Financial Accounting, Business Law, Business Economics, Computer Applications, and so on.

Profit Planning & Control, Production Methods, Operations Research, Corporate Planning & Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management Courses, and many other topics are covered. Economic principles, budget planning, accounting records, major financial institutions, and other finance-related topics are covered in the online BBA in Finance curriculum.

Scope of Online BBA Finance Program

Students learn economic analysis, accounting, and commercial banking skills in the curriculum of BBA in financial management which will eventually help them land a great job in the financial industry.

Financial management is an essential function in any company. Learning financial management can help you advance your career and gain prime positions with experience. Financial Management is a fantastic course for those who want to gather knowledge of data analysis and working with numbers. You will discover financial planning, financial decision-making, budgeting, cost analysis, corporate finance, international finance, and working capital management as a BBA Finance candidate.

Career opportunities after the Online BBA Finance Program

When the time comes to begin a career as a BBA Finance graduate, most candidates land entry-level positions in financial management, retail, accounting, corporate sector, investment management, finance sector, banking sector, real estate, or sales & trading and banking.

The three-year degree program offers great possibilities for progress and opens a wide spectrum of job opportunities. It assists in becoming a financial advisor, investment banker, equity analyst, risk manager, corporate controller, and more.

Salary After Online BBA Finance Program

After a BBA, management aspirants often pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Especially those who wish to begin a career in management as soon as possible. Companies that hire BBA graduates include Wipro, TCS, and Infosys. These companies pay approximately between Rs 30,000 and Rs 1 Lakh per month.

Benefits of Online BBA Finance Program

An online BBA course in India specialising in the branch of finance is one of the best programs for helping college students understand the possibilities of the profession and how to improve their careers. D Y Patil University is committed to providing you with a high-quality BBA in Finance while also expanding your career opportunities.

BBA programs provide students with a solid foundation in management and business principles. It also allows students to gain specialised knowledge in a variety of fields such as finance, international business, marketing information systems, and so on. Moreover, it comes with great career opportunities.

Why choose the Online BBA Finance Program from DPU-COL?

The D Y Patil University’s Online Learning Center provides a variety of online degree courses that will get an aspirant's career options on the right track. The university promotes direct contact between faculty and students for efficient knowledge transfer. It offers faculty webinars to students where the latter take part in discussions that highly influence their careers. On the online portals, the university offers constructions and comprehensive literary forms for each subject. It also has a digital library to provide easy access to e-books and journals.

The institute is ranked 1 among the online and distance learning organisations in India by Competition Success Review 2022. It also provides an online BBA course for working professionals to help them boost their careers and land a C-suite-level job in the future.

DY Patil Vidyapeeth provides several benefits to its students, including:

  • Two academic cycles for student convenience.
  • Pursue a degree from anywhere and at any time.
  • Online Program Work (Including PowerPoint, PDFs, Videos, and Quizzes)
  • No need to travel to the university to take exams.
  • Assistance with job placements.
  • Personal attention from knowledgeable faculty.

Pursuing a BBA from one of the top universities like DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune ensures excellent career opportunities in the business and management fields for online education. The course curriculum is carefully designed to help students develop the best business skills possible while also trying to prepare them for global careers. DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune's BBA programme emphasises practical and hands-on training. Besides, this university offers online degree programs and has the highest placement rate among other providers. Contact us for further details and look forward to a bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are online BBA degrees worth it?

Yes, online BBA degrees are worth it considering it is affordable and flexible and you can study anywhere at any time. Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth's Online BBA degree assists its students in placement, opening a range of opportunities for them. Moreover, the students can enrol in either of the two academic cycles throughout the year.

2. How to get direct admission in BBA in finance?

For direct admission to BBA in finance, you can enrol in Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth’s online BBA by having a 10+2 pass in any stream recognised by the State or Central Government.

3. What is an online BBA?

Online BBA is an undergraduate degree offered by Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth which is delivered completely online. The program is designed to build a strong foundation of business principles for students. A range of specializations are available to choose from like human resources, finance, IT management, project, operations, international business, business analytics and many more.

4. Which colleges offer online BBA?

Online BBA is offered by some of the best universities like Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth. The course is delivered entirely online, and the fees annually range between Rs 9000- 30,000, making it a better option than the usual BBA.

5. Is it worth doing online BBA?

Yes, it is worth pursuing an online BBA as it is equivalent to a regular BBA course. Moreover, it gets a slighter edge over the latter considering it is more feasible and affordable. Besides, the curriculum is similar including topics like assets management, risk management, financial outlining, pricing, and annual budget planning.

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