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How Online MBA From Dr. DY Patil University Helps to Achieve Successful Careers for Working Professionals?

How Online MBA From Dr. DY Patil University Helps to Achieve Successful Careers for Working Professionals?

DPUCOL provides an MBA that fits right for working professionals to scale their careers and move one step ahead from the rest.

July, 28 2022

Upskilling tends to be the secret sauce for staying relevant in the industry and excelling at your workplace.

Additional skills and knowledge help outshine your competitors and make you stand out.

Getting into a Master of Business Administration program can be an excellent way to polish yourself and become a better leader in the future.

Pursuing your online MBA degree from a reputed business school is often the dealbreaker when it comes to your program.

Most enterprises and established companies give more preference to alumni of renowned universities at the time of hiring since it guarantees them better and more skilled professionals.

An MBA program is highly effective in getting you an enhanced professional status and increased salaries.

Since you have upskilled and gained mastery over the subject, demanding a higher compensation at your workplace is an easy sail.

Let’s explore how Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) can help you build a rewarding career. 

Legacy of Dr. DY Patil Online University

While Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Pune was established close to three decades back, the Centre for Online Learning is relatively new and fresh.

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth has numerous institutes built dedicatedly for optometry, physiotherapy, homoeopathy, biotechnology, and more.

Its legacy continues today while helping thousands of students fulfill their dreams.

Established with the idea of catering to the needs of this generation, DPU-COL’s curriculum is designed by a panel of renowned academicians who understand the students.

These courses not only target the current learning community but also provide them with the knowledge and skills that are needed in the coming future.

All these online programs are curated attentively. Most programs are self-paced, and the content is shared in such a way that it is easily consumable by the students.

The institute is well-recognized by UGC and has been accredited by organizations including NAAC, AIU, and WES.

Online MBA Course and Curriculum

One of the most pivotal courses that have become immensely sought-after in the current times is the Master of Business Administration.

Offering extensive specializations in varying domains, DPU-COL’s online MBA is the direct way to get significant career advancement.

The program is beneficial for all the students and working professionals who wish to become world-class managers in the future or build businesses from scratch.

It opens the doors for global networking and gets you at par with international standards.

The entire course is delivered virtually, eliminating the hassles of travelling.

The college plans live projects, assessments, and seminars to provide you exposure to the real world and inculcate critical thinking skills in you.

Some of the top online courses offered by DPU-COL include:

Hospital and Healthcare Management

An MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management (HAHM) is a two-year program designed for professionals who wish to leverage effective management and business skills and grow their careers in healthcare.

IT Management

This dual-year postgraduate degree enables you to study business administration prevalent in the IT sector.

It also includes an extensive study of resources like software, data, and networks. DPU-COL also lays supreme emphasis on inculcating additional skills, including IT Project Management and Advisory Practice. 

International Business Management

This course is made to empower students to do business on an international level without any hesitations.

The program teaches concepts and theories that are foundational for establishing a business and running it successfully.

Marketing Management

Starting from first-level branding and advertising to developing sales & media strategies, an MBA in marketing management is a popular program in demand.

The course is delivered with specific case studies and computer-based simulations that provide real-time exposure to the students.

Finance Management

The Finance Management course is vital for professionals that aim to become BFSI experts in the future. The program explains all aspects of the industry, including cash flows and accounts.

Project Management

This course is effective in discovering the best practices to plan, monitor, and manage projects in the corporate sector.

Pursuing an MBA in this field will help you learn the art of heading a project and leading it to successful completion.

Human Resource Management

This 2-year post-graduation aims at teaching students the nuances of recruiting and managing people in any organization.

It includes topics like Manpower planning, Labor Laws, and Compensation Management.

Operations Management

DPU-COL offers a best-in-class online MBA in Operations Management with an exclusive curriculum.

It gives a deeper insight into Logistics and Supply Chain Management and strives to imbibe the most quintessential qualities needed for the future.

How Helpful is DY Patil University's Online MBA Program for Working Professionals?

DY Patil University ranks high on the list of institutes that cater to the needs of today’s working professionals.

It offers excellent programs that allow people to pursue their education without second thoughts.

The university is extremely helpful for professionals as it empowers them to balance both their existing job and higher studies.

This is helpful to look after your present while also securing the future. An online MBA at DPU-COL takes you at par with the global standards and boosts your networking as well.

Breaking The Barriers & Pursuing Your MBA With DPU-COL!

Holding a strong foundation and rich expertise in MBA programs, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is the perfect destination to realize your dreams.

With the experienced faculty and pool of resources, you are certain to pursue your MBA with the best people besides. Connect with us today and learn more about admissions.

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