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The Future of Digital Marketing Careers in India for 2024

The Future of Digital Marketing Careers in India for 2024

Forecast your career with a Digital Marketing course and what opportunities are waiting for you. Read this comprehensive guide and get an idea!

May, 09 2024

Digital marketing in India is a rapidly growing industry, with a growing demand for both start-ups and famous brands. Goldman Sachs research indicates that the digital marketing industry in India is expected to generate over 9 lakh jobs in 2024 and reach a value of US$160 billion by 2025. 

This growth is three times the current value, and the sector is projected to reach 539 billion rupees by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of 27.42%. This growth has led to an average increase in salaries in digital marketing, with an average increase of 30% in the last year alone. Despite the potential for lucrative careers, digital marketing remains a dynamic and evolving field with the potential to transform businesses.

Have you ever pondered what the future holds for jobs in digital marketing in India? If it's a profitable professional path or not? Let's get started and discover how a Certificate Programme In Digital Marketing will give you the boost you expect!

About Digital Marketing

The practice of applying the complete marketing plan through digital media channels in order to target online people is known as digital marketing. Although the execution differs significantly because to the changed media and online user expectations, the essential components remain the same. Now, there is a very promising future for anyone in this job sector who can use classic marketing principles while offering creative ideas for digital marketing.

The Typical Income For A Digital Marketer

As the usage of smartphones and tablets has increased recently, companies have come to understand that in order to increase exposure and sales, they must position their product online. Consider Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra as examples. Over the past three to four years, their client database has grown significantly. Nowadays, between 50 to 60% of Indians shop online and use the internet to research things before making a purchase. A digital marketer's pay may differ according to their position, education, experience, location, and talents. In India, entry-level digital marketers often make between ₹4-6 LPA annually. An experienced digital marketer in a senior role may earn between ₹10 and ₹12 LPA.

Common Digital Marketing Careers

Digital marketing has several career options if you are able to get enrolled in Online Digital Marketing Courses. Any seasoned professional can advance into managerial roles, while a novice can apply for an entry-level post. The popular occupations in digital marketing are as follows:

Expert in Digital Marketing

Ads are frequently displayed in a dialogue box next to the website link for a certain topic when we search for it. It is the responsibility of a search engine marketer or a pay per click marketer. The advertisements in our search results, sometimes helpful, and sometimes entirely useless, are the creation of a search engine expert. Digital marketing experts and SEO marketers are well-versed in keywords, including long-tail & short-tail variations, and where to put them to get the most visibility on search engine results pages.

Manager/Marketer for Social Media

A social media manager has to oversee all social media activities and the effective branding of your goods or services across various platforms. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others. These days, it is a crucial channel for company. The majority of internet users are active on social media platforms. Thus, there is a lot of opportunity for companies to sell their brands through these platforms.

PR Manager

A PR manager is responsible for providing positive brand reviews, keeping journalists informed about company developments, and creating a positive brand persona among users. They must be skilled in editing and writing and strategize a PR campaign to maintain and increase the company's goodwill.

Email Marketing Expert 

To effectively manage all email-related business operations, companies must have an email marketing manager. Emails should be brief, sent on time, and tailored to the recipient's needs. Before planning and executing an email marketing program for a brand and its features, email marketers must assess consumer website interactions and email engagements.

Content Strategist/Marketer

All matters pertaining to the material that will be published on various websites and channels fall within the purview of a content strategist or manager. The intricate process of determining whether material is appropriate for a certain media in order to maximize brand awareness and reach is known as content marketing. The assessment, application, and tracking of the outcomes of a strong content strategy for your customer, product, or service are the three main focuses of content marketing.

Copywriter/Content Writer 

Copywriters & content creators are essential in the field of digital marketing. Because of the nature of their jobs, content writers & copywriters are slightly different from each other. The goal of a content writer's writing is to increase website and product page traffic. The only goal of copywriting is to have a good effect on readers in order to increase sales of the product or service. Copywriters and content writers are in great demand. It is reasonable to conclude that there will be a continued need in this field of digital marketing.

SEO or SEM Expert

SEO manager refers to a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Digital Marketing. SEO is the most important component of a business's marketing plan. The items that appear first on the search engine result page are most likely to be receiving the most attention & views from those conducting online searches.

How Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Pune Is Bringing The Change to The Future!

Being India’s only comfort learning platform, DPU-COL aims to give students a welcoming environment that will influence their professional paths. The goal of DPU COL's curriculum, facilities, and features is to provide students with a richer, more flexible and easy-to-use education that not only pushes them toward greatness but also provides ongoing, supportive guidance that fosters progress.

The domain will become familiar to the learners, and they will comprehend the structure and functioning of web marketing companies. In addition to learning technical abilities, they will learn how to leverage social media platforms for branding and sales. Additionally, students will become acquainted with industry best practices, tools, and technologies, comprehend the direction that digital marketing is taking, and get ready for it.

Students will be exposed to digital marketing activities upon program completion, and they will have the ability to launch a website, app, or video channel independently. They have the option of founding their own digital marketing firm or find themselves settled with an attractive job through DPU-COL placements!

These guidelines are for you if you wish to enrol in DPU-COL's extensive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing:

  • Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree Holder / Graduate in any Discipline from a Recognised University or a Diploma Holders.
  • Course Outlines: Starting from the basic knowledge about Internet and Digital marketing, the courses will proceed further with Digital Media Planning, Traffic Management, e-Commerce, All aspects of SEO, SEM, Marketing Communications, IMC Process, PR, Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion, Social media, Email Marketing, Content, and a lot more!
  • Course Duration: The Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing offers 6 months duration for each course. The Learner engagement hours will be 60 in total in those months.

As you may well know, India now offers a plethora of job prospects in the field of digital marketing. Numerous job profiles are available for hiring. Furthermore, the idea of freelancing presents a fresh escape from the grind of everyday existence. Success in the numerous areas of digital marketing requires the flexibility to swiftly adapt to new ideas and situations. It requires an insatiable curiosity in everything digital and the ability to stay abreast of new developments in both current and emerging digital cultures.


Q1. In what ways does digital marketing help firms succeed?

By increasing exposure, focusing on certain demographics, encouraging consumer participation, providing affordable solutions, supplying insightful data, and producing quantifiable outcomes, digital marketing helps businesses succeed.

Q2. Which competencies are necessary for success in the field of digital marketing?

An effective digital marketing profession requires a variety of talents, such as SEO expertise, social media management, creative content development, analytical aptitude, and strategic planning. Navigating the evolving terrain of digital marketing also requires good communication, analytical thinking, creativity, adaptability to new technology, and an unwavering quest of knowledge.

Q3. What are the main elements propelling the increase of jobs in digital marketing?

The expansion of digital media channels, the movement of businesses to online platforms, the demand for focused marketing methods, and the rising rate of consumer internet access are some factors driving the rise of professions in digital marketing.

Q4. How do I go about launching a digital marketing business?

By taking appropriate courses or earning certifications, developing a strong online presence, obtaining real-world experience through internships or freelancing work, and keeping up with market developments, you may launch a career in digital marketing. After the valuable experience, you’ll surely be able to launch your own business!

Q5. How can I focus on a certain aspect of digital marketing?

You may take additional courses or get certifications in digital marketing-related fields including analytics, PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and SEO to focus on a particular aspect of the industry. You may also differentiate yourself in the industry by obtaining practical experience and developing a strong portfolio in the sector of your choice.

Q6. Can you become a digital marketer with a certificate?

Yes, absolutely! With DPU-COL's Certificate Program in Digital Marketing, you gain the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart your career in digital marketing. Whether you're a graduate or a diploma holder, this program equips you with practical expertise to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

Q7. Which is better, MBA or digital marketing?

It depends on your career goals and interests. While an MBA offers a broader business education, a certificate in digital marketing provides specialized skills for a career in marketing. If you're passionate about marketing and want to specialize in digital channels, DPU-COL's Certificate Program in Digital Marketing may be the better choice.

Q8. What is the cost of a digital marketing course?

The cost varies depending on the institution and the level of certification. DPU-COL offers an extensive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing, providing comprehensive education and practical skills for aspiring digital marketers. For specific pricing details, you can inquire directly with DPU-COL.

Q9. Is a certification in digital marketing worth it?

Absolutely! A certification in digital marketing, especially from a reputable institution like DPU-COL, demonstrates your expertise and commitment to the field. With practical skills and industry knowledge, you'll be well-equipped to pursue exciting career opportunities in digital marketing.

Q10. How many months is a digital marketing course?

The Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing offered by DPU-COL spans 6 months, with a total of 60 learner engagement hours during this period. In just half a year, you'll gain valuable insights, practical skills, and hands-on experience to launch your career in digital marketing with confidence.

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