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Faculty Spotlight: DPU-COL's Social Media Marketing Certificate

Faculty Spotlight: DPU-COL's Social Media Marketing Certificate

Dive into DPU-COL's Social Media Marketing Certificate and explore the faculty's academic backgrounds and expertise in management studies.

March, 23 2024

Social Media Marketing has evolved into a vital and irreplaceable element, underlining the importance of aspiring professionals seeking formal education in this field. DPU-COL's Social Media Marketing Certificate is an educational offering designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in leveraging social media for effective marketing.

Along with a well-recognized & interactive certificate programme, DPU-COL has a rich faculty of management studies treasured under its roof. With their broad experience and expertise, the robust faculty team provides comprehensive knowledge and guidance to aspirants in digital marketing. And with their structured curriculum and innovative teaching pedagogy, the seasoned team offers an enriching learning experience.

Achieving a high standard of education becomes challenging without a great team. Further, let’s learn more about the faculty of management studies, their education, and their expertise in detail.

Ms Asmita Arun Kamble: Pioneering Innovations in Social Media Marketing

Ms. Asmita Arun Kamble holds a PGPM in IT, an MBA in Marketing, and a B. Tech in EXTC. Her academic background shows a blend of technological and marketing expertise, and she currently works as an Assistant Professor for Digital Marketing at DPU University.

Ms Kamble has published 3 research papers and given 3 distinguished presentations at national and international conferences, significantly advancing the subject of social media marketing. Her contributions exhibit her commitment to advanced knowledge in the sector and staying current with corporate advancements.

As an Assistant Professor, she utilizes her academic credentials and background in teaching students to impart her knowledge and skills to learners. Her ability to impart knowledge and assist students in comprehending the constantly changing field of digital marketing is made possible by her position as an educator.

Dr. Safia Farooqui: Bridging Academia and Industry in Social Media Marketing

Dr Safia Farooqui is the Director at Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth - Centre for Online Learning Pune. Her extensive academic background includes an MA in English, an LLB, an LLM, an MBA in HR & IT, a PhD, and several other qualifications that show her dedication to interdisciplinary knowledge.

Her broad industrial background, 2 patents, 5 copyrights & & 64 National and International papers significantly contribute to education. These elements combine to provide an engaging and impactful learning environment in the classroom that links academics and business.

Dr Safia Farooqui's accomplishments in projects and teamwork show that she can translate her knowledge of academia into real-world applications, improving learning and equipping students for obstacles they would face in the real world.

Mr Amol Vasant Ohol: The Creative Mind Behind Social Media Strategies

As an assistant professor in social media marketing at Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Mr Amol Vasant Ohol applies an innovative teaching and mentoring strategy. With his extensive experience spanning five years in the corporate world and ten years in academia, he can offer students a unique and analytical outlook.

He is pursuing a PhD in marketing management and has prior expertise in digital marketing, operations management, international marketing, and strategic human resource management. He also holds a Yellow Belt qualification in Six Sigma, demonstrating his commitment to quality in his industry.

Students have expressed that Professor Amol Vasant Ohol's creative teaching strategies and depth of knowledge are a continual source of motivation and advantage in their pursuit of comprehension and expertise in social media marketing.

Mr Anand Suresh Irabatti: Merging Data Analytics with Social Media Marketing

An accomplished professional with 16 years of combined experience in academia and industry, Mr Anand Suresh Irabatti is an Assistant Professor at DPU-COL. He holds an MBA and an MCA. His extensive research contributions include several papers presented at national and international conferences and a research study published in an international journal included in the SCOPUS index. Furthermore, he is a member of the Board of Studies at Parul University in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, and has actively participated in national and international FDPs. Additionally, he is an expert in data science and machine learning.

Mr Anand Suresh Irabatti specialises in data-driven social media marketing approaches. Through insightful insights that assist firms in optimising their digital marketing efforts for better results, his work highlights the concrete impact of analytics in changing marketing strategies.

Through sharing his vast professional and academic expertise, Mr. Irabatti enhances students' comprehension of the topic. His practical guidance helps students comprehend and use data-driven tactics in Social Media Marketing.

Dr Ganesh Datere: Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit in Social Media Marketing

Bringing over 17 years of varied expertise to the classroom, Dr. Ganesh Datere is an Assistant Professor at DPU. He holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in marketing. His background combines academic knowledge with industry experience. He worked as a manager at Bajaj Allianz for 2 years and as a full-time faculty member at prestigious management colleges for 15 years. His research findings in national and international journals and mentorship of over 500 students on several projects reflect his dedication to teaching. Dr. Datere specialises in the use of digital marketing technology to assist micro-enterprises.

Dr. Ganesh Datere motivates students to think creatively and strategically by drawing on his extensive knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship. Under his direction, students investigate novel concepts and approaches for successfully using digital platforms, which cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit in social media marketing.

Success stories of students who have started their businesses after receiving guidance and knowledge from Dr. Datere testify to his influence. These students demonstrate the real-world application of their studies by using their grasp of social media marketing to launch and grow their micro-businesses.

Mr Narsimha Rao Parcha: Nurturing Ethical Practices in Social Media Marketing

Professor of Practise at DPUCOL Mr Narsimha Rao Parcha has 32 years of experience as a Senior HR professional and holds an MSW-HR, LLB, LLM, and PGDIAE&D. His professional background includes senior positions in Global HR Initiatives, Change Management, and Corporate Strategy with top-notch brands like Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Group, MSN Pharma, L&T, British American Tobacco Group, BPL, and Coal India Limited (SCCL). At DPU-COL, he encourages ethical behaviour by incorporating ethics with digital marketing.

Using case studies and real-world examples, Mr. Parcha demonstrates ethical challenges in digital marketing and offers solutions. With these practical examples, students can gain vital knowledge and skills for navigating ethical dilemmas they may face in the workplace.

With a solid ethical foundation for social media marketing, his guidance has significantly impacted professional behaviour. In addition to ensuring that students succeed professionally, this outlook helps them make morally sound decisions in a world that is becoming more linked and digital.

Ms Chhaya Rahul Vanjare: Research and Thought Leadership in Social Media Marketing

Significant research experience in the different segments is brought to the table by Ms Chhaya Rahul Vanjare, an assistant professor at Dr D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth in Pune. Her research contributions are outstanding, with 11 research papers published in National, International, UGC Care, and Scopus journals over her 16 years of academic experience. In addition to her patent with the Government of India, she received the N.C. Joshi Best Teacher Award, indicating her research potential.

To provide her students with the most recent knowledge and advancements in the field, Ms. Vanjare does significant research to inform curriculum and teaching approaches. Her dedication to remaining at the forefront of business trends makes learning more enjoyable.

Students can participate in research projects under her guidance to broaden their knowledge in the discipline and gain real-world research experience. This engagement enhances their education and gives them a platform for future research contributions.


The faculty at DPU-COL's Social Media Marketing Certificate online is incredibly diverse and highly skilled. They bring a mix of academic knowledge, industry experience, research expertise, and excellent teaching to the table.

Seasoned faculty of management studies, India equips students to tackle the ever-changing challenges of the digital world. These experts ensure that students acquire the most up-to-date industry trends and best practices, making the programme informative to job market demands. Students can embark on a fulfilling educational path in the digital marketing business by actively engaging with our professional instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is social media marketing curriculum?

Crafted in collaboration with leading universities and digital marketing experts, our online social media marketing certificate at DPU-COL encompasses the vast realm of social media platforms. Gain expertise in devising effective marketing strategies, producing compelling content, and assessing social media analytics across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), and LinkedIn.

2. What is a social media marketing program?

During the social media marketing certificate program, you'll explore optimal social media practices to craft a strong marketing strategy and develop brand-focused content aligned with your marketing goals. You'll also discover opportunities for user-generated content and orchestrate influencer campaigns to engage and expand the brand community.

3. What is a social media marketing course?

Social media marketing is a facet of content marketing, and this online social media marketing certificate course aids in integrating both into a cohesive strategy. Through this online course provided by DPUCOL, you'll discover how to formulate a content marketing strategy and grasp the ecosystem associated with it.

4. How much does a social media manager make?

A social media manager is a skilled individual responsible for overseeing, contributing to, and directing the online presence of a business, brand, or product. They devise marketing plans aimed at enhancing engagement with the company's social media profile. As per Glassdoor in 2024, a social media manager will make INR 2.4-4.8 LPA.

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