Excel in the Management Field With an Online MBA Program From Dr. D. Y. Patil University - Center for Online Learning

Excel in the Management Field With an Online MBA Program From Dr. D. Y. Patil University - Center for Online Learning

As part of an online MBA from DPU-COL, you will be trained by mentors who are industry experts themselves. This will allow you to develop a wide range of practical skills as is required by the industry.

February, 03 2023

Online programs are fast gaining popularity for the myriad of career opportunities that they present to aspirants.

With the COVID-19 pandemic effectively altering life as we know it, the education industry has adapted to significant changes by introducing online programs.

The benefits of online programs include being able to complete the same from the comfort and safety of your home.

Completing an online program also demonstrates initiative and a willingness to increase your qualifications, regardless of global economic circumstances.

Several universities in and around the country are now offering a wide range of online programs across different industries.

One of the most popular programs preferred by aspirants is an online MBA.

Pursuing an online MBA from a recognized university is one of the best ways to develop the relevant skills needed for a career in the corporate world.

Of the different universities providing online programs, Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth (Pune) is recognized for the quality of its online MBA programs.

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Why Should You Consider an Online MBA?

Almost every industry in the world now requires a management professional who understands the best practices that need to be implemented in an organization.

Pursuing an online MBA can help you achieve several lucrative career opportunities in the field.

Some of the best reasons why you should pursue an online MBA include:

1. Excellent Networking Opportunities

Pursuing an online MBA from a university such as DPU-COL will give you several opportunities to network.

Networks are a crucial component of the corporate world, and with the right contacts, you will be able to secure excellent positions in the field.

2. A Wide Range of Specialisations to Choose From

Online MBAs are often offered in a wide range of specializations across different industries.

This allows you to choose a niche that is just right for you. Consider choosing a vocation that is most aligned with your interests, talents, and professional goals.

3. Development of Excellent Management Skills

Online MBAs can be pursued by both - undergraduates and professionals.

This is a program that is designed to equip students with a wide range of managerial skills, as is required in the corporate world.

These include critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills.

4. High Earning Potential

An online MBA will demonstrate your initiative toward increasing your skills and gaining a new qualification.

Therefore, there is a high earning potential associated with this degree. After the completion of your online MBA, you will be eligible to apply for senior managerial positions in the corporate hierarchy.

5. Entrepreneurial Potential as well

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Pursuing an online MBA can equip you with a range of entrepreneurial skills needed to establish your venture.

Why Should You Choose DPU-COL for an Online MBA?

If you are considering pursuing an online MBA from DPU-COL, knowing the accreditations and rank of the university can help you make a wise decision.

DPU-COL was established to keep the requirements of the education industry and youth in mind.

This is an institute that is designed to upskill learners seeking employment opportunities around the world.

As a part of an MBA from DPU-COL, mentors who are industry experts themselves will train you.

This will allow you to develop a wide range of practical skills as is required by the industry.

Additionally, one of the key aspects of DPU-COL’s online MBA is that it is recognized all over the world for its quality!

The program is also UGC (University Grants Commission) accredited.

DPU-COL’s MBA programs have consistently been recognized for quality over the last f14 years. DPU-COL has also been re-accredited by the NAAC with an excellent CGPA of 3.64 on a four-point scale.

This gives DPU a grade of ‘A++’, ranking it among the top 50 universities in India, according to statistics published by the NIRF.

What are the Advantages of Pursuing an Online MBA from DPU-COL?

Pursuing your online MBA from DPU-COL can help you experience several remarkable advantages. These include:

1. Webinars with Industry Experts

DPU-COL conducts webinars with industry experts, business leaders, renowned academicians, and mentors.

This is a great way to develop relevant skills and understand how the practical industry works.

2. Counseling Sessions

DPU-COL also conducts counseling sessions with a dedicated faculty. Undergoing sessions concerning your academic and professional career can be a great way to understand the next step you need to take.

Talking to mentors can also be a great way to develop clarity and insight into the kinds of opportunities you will be presented with after an online MBA.

3. Interactive Virtual Classes

DPU-COL’s online MBA classes are held virtually via the internet. You will be able to attend and interact directly with experienced faculty.

You can even ask questions during a lesson to cement your learning and understanding of a concept.

As a part of the online MBA, you will also be able to archive any online lectures. This allows you to replay a particular class, as and when required.

4. Program Orientation Sessions

DPU conducts regular program orientation sessions before a program commences. During these sessions, students are trained on the overview of the subject they will be pursuing via an online MBA.

5. Scheduled Academic Calendar

As part of your online MBA from DPU, you will also be provided with a schedule of exams, lectures, and assignments that need to be completed.

This is beneficial concerning managing your time in advance and ensuring you have dedicated sufficient hours to your learning.

What are the Career Options I Can Consider after an Online MBA from DPU?

After completing an online MBA there are several remarkable and well-paying job positions that you can consider. These include:

  • Digital Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Medical Practice Manager
  • Business Development Manager

It is important to choose a vocation that is aligned with your specialization, interests, and professional goals.

With an online MBA, it is also likely that you will receive opportunities for positions that are higher up on the corporate ladder.

Key Takeaways

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, online programs are now becoming one of the most popular programs selected by aspirants around the world.

Pursuing an online program such as an MBA can present a plethora of benefits to students.

When pursuing an online MBA, it is important to select a university that is accredited and recognized.

DPU-COL is among the most reputed universities offering online MBAs for aspirants.

To Know More…

Choosing to pursue your online MBA from DPU-COL is an excellent decision to make. The benefits you will receive give you an excellent return on your investment.

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