Best Online MBA Career: Marketing Manager

Best Online MBA Career: Marketing Manager

MBA in Marketing degree is perfect for professionals who desire to work in marketing leadership. The MBA Marketing is a flagship qualification designed to meet the needs and aspirations of every career individuals.

January, 16 2023

Online MBA in India is available in a lot of domains. Candidates who enroll themselves in online MBA courses can choose their field of specialization among the various available options.

One may complete his/her MBA in marketing, finance, human resources, etc. as per their desired career goals.

Among these various available options, an online MBA in marketing is the best option to go for.

Witnessing the present trends, we can all very well see the importance of marketing in various fields.

Today marketing is required in every field like business, education, healthcare, etc. Everyone needs to market their product or services for a better reach among people.

Therefore, doing an online MBA in marketing can be the best option for you as the demand for good marketers is very high.

But what does a marketing manager do? To answer this question, a marketing manager is someone who develops, implements, and finally executes marketing strategies to promote the sale of the products or services the business is offering.

The main objective of a marketing manager is to increase the brand value of the business, attract potential clients, and retain existing customers, thus, building brand loyalty.

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of a marketing manager? A marketing manager is responsible for the following:

  • Developing business and marketing strategies and campaigns with the support of the marketing department for the entire organization.
  • Promoting the products and services of the business on various promotion channels (social media, newspapers, TV advertisements, etc.).
  • Ensuring that the ideology that the business wants people to develop about their product or service is rightly represented to attract new customers.
  • Taking responsibility for managing the departments related to sales, product management, customer relations/support, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas for new and existing marketing campaigns and collaborate with media and advertising agencies for the same.
  • Analyze the results of new and existing marketing campaigns by evaluating their performance on sales, brand building, enhancing the customer base, etc.
  • Report these results to the higher authorities in the organization.

Skills required to be a marketing manager:

  • Good communication skills for proper work management with juniors and communicating the results with higher officials.
  • Creative and innovative thinking to develop new marketing strategies.
  • Having the appropriate skills in managing the budget allocated for marketing purposes.
  • Analytic skills to forecast and develop appropriate marketing campaigns and strategies.

Now, we are through with what a marketing manager does, what are their responsibilities in the organization, and the skills required for the job.

But what is the process of becoming a marketing manager? The first step is obviously to assess the best online MBA courses available and choose the best course for an online MBA in marketing.

Before enrolling yourselves, you should meet the eligibility for online MBA courses in India:

Bachelor’s degree

The minimum requirement for doing an online MBA in India is a bachelor’s degree. For becoming a marketing manager, it is preferable to complete your bachelor's in marketing.

It will prepare the candidate to deal with the dynamic business environment by having the traditional knowledge and experience with advanced technologies like data analytics, multimedia management, SEO, analytic skills for consumer behavior, good marketing skills, and development of the products or services as per the customer requirements.

 Job experience

 Having job experience is not mandatory for online MBA courses. But if you do have some job experience before doing an online MBA in marketing, it will surely be an added advantage for you.

If you have done an entry-level marketing job, then you would develop the responsibility to carry out administrative tasks, specialize in marketing events, manage social media and other channels of promotion, and efficiently coordinate marketing projects.

People in entry-level marketing jobs work closely with account executives, service managers, media planners, etc. who are directly involved in the marketing campaigns and strategies of the organization.

After becoming a marketing manager also, most probably they are supposed to work with the same people.

Therefore, having pre-knowledge about the marketing industry and experience with working with people in the marketing industry is an added advantage before you become a marketing manager.

Enroll in online MBA programs

After completing the bachelor's degree and having job experience, you should apply for an online MBA in marketing to advance in your career and become a marketing manager.

Doing an MBA will surely qualify you for more diverse and higher-level career opportunities.

The MBA will help you develop communication skills, enhance social networking skills, focus on consumer behavior, and learn more about search engine optimization, advertising trends, methods, etc.

How long does it take to become a Marketing Manager?

Online MBA courses generally take two years to complete like a traditional MBA. However, many courses let you decide the duration of the online MBA programs.

You can complete the course in a year or a year and a half too, as per your schedule and career goals.

You can complete the basic requirements of taking a job as a marketing manager as per the defined period, but the experience you will gain while doing your job takes years of effort.

To become proficient in your job you need to continuously work on your skills and with years of experience you will develop the attributes of a good marketing manager and grow well in your career.


In this article we have discussed in detail how to become a marketing manager, what are their role and responsibilities in the organization, and how long it takes to become a marketing manager.

We have also discussed how important doing an online MBA in marketing can help you advance in your career because of the exposure and skills you build while pursuing the program.

DPU-COL is among the best institutions for an online MBA where students can enroll themselves and develop the necessary skills to become good marketing managers.

The teachers and the faculty members of the institution ensure that you can learn everything required to advance in your career as a marketing manager.

Check out their online MBA course to achieve your career goals.

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